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They shoot horses don’t they……..?

Hey blagger’s

I haven’t posted in ages, not cause I’ve been to busy or anything……well, O.K. I have, but mainly because I just couldn’t be assed. Why does anyone (besides my mum) want to hear about what I’ve been up to, or what I’m thinking….I wouldn’t. Do you really want me to bang on about how my life has become ultra boring?. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family and hanging out with them. But I do miss some of the carefree ways of life with no kids. I cant just go out and get blitzed at a gig or at the footy anymore, I’m lucky if I just get to a gig or the footy now. I think all this “responsibility” is getting too me…..a bit of a crisis of confidence maybe?. I don’t know, I just miss my youth I guess. The other thing about having kids is all the worrying about them that you do. Milo had a really bad case of gastro a few weeks ago, and it was really scary. He was throwing up, not eating…he lost quite a bit of weight. I didn’t really understand what it was like to worry about your kids till then. But…he’s come good now and back to his happy little best. He’s crawling now too.

Anyway LWT haven’t been doing much at all lately. Craig seems to think he’s over the whole thing, so I don’t know what’s gonna happen. I think we’ve gotta few gigs coming up, but after that I don’t know. Rob and I might do something else, maybe Paul as well when he gets back from the old dart. Paul’s gonna think it’s all my fault!

Schottky Noise have got some shows coming up though. Friday 15th Sept at the Commercial in Yarraville. That’s probably gonna be just me and Fitzy, I’m not sure though. Then were playing the 19th Oct at the Rob Roy with Taste the Venom. Sean Barley’s gonna be stepping in for Atom that night, not sure what he’s gonna play yet, but it should be pretty cool.


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New paths to Helicon Part II

O.k…….It’s been a while since I did a half decent post, so I’ll try and get you caught up on things.

Let’s talk Mogwai first off. Fucking amazing!. Last time I saw them it was at the Hifi bar, or what ever the fuck they call it, and it was great. But I was a bit preoccupied that night, plus Rachael fell asleep(no shit), so it didn’t blow me away like i thought it would. Six years later I was floored. Mogwai play with such an intense force of sound, you can’t help but be moved by it. Uneasily quiet one minute, to ear bleeding sonic intensity the next. The 3 guitar attack on the crescendo to New paths to helicon part I was absolutely glorious. This would truly be the song that a modern day William Wallace would lead his Scottish brethren in to battle by. High-points of the show would be: Christmas steps, Helicon Pt I, Hunted by a freak,…….well hell, the whole night was a highpoint. My only lament was that they didn’t play Helicon Pt II, and Stop coming to my house, my two ultimate favourites. I’ve gotta mention My Disco too, this was the first time I’ve seen them. Atom, Fitzy and others has been telling me to checking them out for ages. But due to my old man-edness, I haven’t got about to seeing them. I thought they were very good, they look very “Girlfriends jeans“, but they sounded more like Shellac than a typical “Girlfriend’s jeans” band. The drumming is awesome.

On the home front: Milo’s been sick the last few weeks with a bad cold. Poor little guy’s been phlegmier than a smoker with the flu. I took time of work yesterday to stay home with him and Rachael’s doing the same today. I hope he comes good soon. He’s got about 8 teeth now, and he’s sitting up. Not crawling yet….but he’s close, he can go backwards pretty good though. He’s new thing is trying to bite everything and everyone. He’s talking all the time, saying mum-mum, bub-bub and making lots of sounds….But he’s absolute favourite is Dad-dad.

Look Who’s Toxic have played some good shows of late. One at Ding Dong a couple of weeks ago, not many people there, but we had a good show anyway. Also played a nice little set at the Commercial in Yarraville, Craig scored too, which is awesome. “Our little boy’s all growed up”.

I hadn’t been to see a film since Milo was born, so I was champing at the bit to see a film, when I went to see “The Benchwarmers” at the RAAF base a couple of weeks ago. It was a pisser! I haven’t laughed at a movie like that in ages. I highly recommend fans of dumb comedy to get out there and hire it. Also, I took Rachael to see “The Pirates of the Caribbean” at gold class for her birthday. I love a good pirate movie, and enjoyed it immensely. Though I’ll never go back to a gold class cinema again. I love the seats, the small crowd, and the atmosphere…but every time i go, the service sucks ass. They boast how it’s great that you can order stuff to come when YOU want it, and blah, blah, blah ….but every-time we’ve been, they have screwed up by not bringing our stuff at all. So….fuck em’.


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Got my Mogwai ticket in the post today.

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What are you looking at……….?

Sorry to everyone who turned up at Pony last week expecting to see Look Who’s Toxic. I was real fucking sick and there was no way I was gonna drag myself out of bed at 1 in the AM, hurl all my gear into the car in the freezing cold, get to Pony, load out 2 Km’s down the street and then up the narrowest stair case in the world, and then……..choke on the smoke of a thousand PJ extra mild’s. Seriously……If I could have been able to I would have, but I was hella sick. Rob’s other band Applecross played instead, and seeing as they made it out alive, it went pretty well.

Things have been pretty busy on the home-front…….Milo’s cutting more teeth (7 in total), and Rachael’s back at work full time. So Milo’s in childcare three days a week and  Rachael’s mum is looking after him for the other two days a week. He’s starting to yak away like madman, even though he’s not really saying a hell of a lot, he’s got “ba-bah”, and “mah,mah” down pretty good. He’s even working combo’s of the two like… “ba-bah-mah-ba”, and so on. He’s always got a smile going too, which is really cute, even if he hasn’t slept well, or his teeth hurt, he’s always smiling.

Music wise I haven’t really been listening to a lot. I’ve been pretty much wrapped up in the footy season, and this stupid world cup. I did pick up the new Pissed Jeans 7 inch on Sub Pop though, which is very awesome.  Also picked up a nice Rocket from the Crypt print by Coop for $10. Cool huh?



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Death to Jimmy Wong!

Hey party goers

Had a pretty painful bout of food poisoning/gastro last week, care of Jimmy Wong in Footscray. I knew when I was eating those fucking Dim Sims that there was something not right, and I was stupid for eating most of them anyway, I was so fucking sick. Thursday night was spent hurling, I almost hurled in Milo’s childcare centre when I was picking him up!… on the way home it was like….”hang on buddy, daddy’s just gotta stop the car and have spew, ok?”. Friday I was in bed all day chucking from both ends (not in bed, I got out and went to the can for that), sleeping and watching vids(DVD’s) when I wasn’t asleep or retching….or spraying the bowl(sorry). I couldn’t eat anything for nearly three day’s, and lost nearly 5KG’s in the process. And to make things even shittier, I think Milo has it now too. I stayed away from the little guy for “a couple of days”, just like the Doctor told me to….., but he woke up last night after chundering over his bed and himself, I wouldn’t have believed so much puke could come from such a little dude. So hopefully he’ll be ok, and wont be too sick.

Tonight Look Who’s Toxic are on Best of the Brat on RRR (102.7FM), talking about, and playing, our favourite “Rooting” songs. I’ll have to do all the talking on this one, Rob and Craig don’t have much experience in this field. Then on Friday night we play at Pony, at the un-godly time of 2.00AM. I’m gonna have to have a snooze after work to try and be in some sort of fit state to play the gig though I reckon. I hope they have had some sort of smoke exhaust system fitted in the last month or two, It gets so Smokey in that place, I can’t fucking breath already……

Go Bull Doggers!!!!! 

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Hey gang

We had a really shit gig the other night at the Towny, and apologise to anyone who attended. The only shining lite was the introduction of our new tune "Fuck off". I thought that the K'road Queens were really cool too. I took some snaps of them, which I'll post on Flickr tomorrow. Went to see MYC, A Death in the Family (also more snaps), and Angry Kid on Friday night for the Arthouse's 15th Birthday (Happy birthday guy's). The Arthouse has been the backbone of the underground music scene in Melbourne for a long time, and Marie, Peter and Mel should be really proud of what the Arthouse has done in those 15 years, and for what the place means to so many people. It is, a very special place. So to Marie and Pete and their family I say, Thank you. Schottky Noise played there last night, for what will most probably be our last show with Lee, before he makes the idiotic move to Perth. I'm really, really really gonna miss Lee, he's one of coolest, funny, most genuine people I've ever met through playing music. I hope he comes to his senses, and comes home soon. Also had a fucking car accident last night on the way home. Some ass clown turned right in front of me on the Errol/Queensbury St intersection. So the front end of the wagon is a little fucked up at the moment. Hopefully the guy wont try and wriggle out of his responsibility for the accident, and his insurance company and my insurance company, will sort it out quickly and with little fuss. I can really recommend


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R.I.P. Fidal Gastro

Ok…here's the deal.

I'm getting rid of my ill-conceived and mis-spelled food critic alter ego, Fidal Gastro. It was just a pain in the arse keeping him going, So from now on I'm just gonna talk about food here. The joke got to old too quick for me. So expect to hear me banging on to no end about food, food, and more food.

While we're talking about food. Mag's Carey took Craig and I to an Ice cream joint in Bay St, Port Melbourne (just near Grandma's) called Gelati Sky. Man….this place is pumping out some serious iced quality. With lots of exotic flavours to choose from, such as Peanut butter, coco lime, tim tam, pina colada…plus all your old faves, it wont leave you wanting for choice. I got the "double cone", one scoop peanut butter, one scoop coco lime….which is just coconut flavour. Both were awesome. It's a bit…….it's fucking pricey, but it's hella good ice cream. $3.80 will get you a double cone with 2 flavours. You can get expensive take home tubs at $8.50 for half a litre(2 flavours), and $15.00…..(fuck me) for 1 litre (3 flavours).

And while were still talking food…….The Rajah of India in North Melbourne (king st), one of Melbourne's best, has recently changed hands. The name has also changed to "Le Taj", which is "Le Gay". I've only sampled the chicken makhani take away lunch pack, but it did seem to be like the new owners claim, "…a step up in quality". The Veg pakoras seemed to have improved as well. I'm sure C$ and I will put them through their paces in the next few months.

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Show me the……….

Ok…so now I've raised about $385 for the shave thang. Thanks to everyone who dug deep for the cause.


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Crave for shave

I'm shaving my head for charity tonight. Anyone who wants to sponsor me should give me some dosh. You can do it online at the worlds greatest shave site. I've got till the 18th of May to deposit the cash, so don't dilly dally! I've only raised $180 so far….so come on, dig deep.

By the way…..good luck to C$ tonight on his big date. Go get em tiger.


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Rock, Beer and Bangers.

The CD launch at the Tote last night was awesome, props to everyone who came down. The eating contest was a pisser. Xavier took it out easily, with Liam in second and Willy third. Micky V would have got third, put he went to hard on his last three snags and puked. I'll post some pics on my flickr page tomorrow. Thanks to PussyXXX, Dr Invisiablo, and Bakerlight Age for supporting……..ooooh and Culki too, she was awesome!
I'm not mentioning football this week.

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